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8 top tips when visiting Marrakech

Souks Marrakech

Café des Épices
Le Jardin Majorelle 
Le Jardin Majorelle
Le Jardin Majorelle
Le Jardin Restaurant
Royal Mansour
Tapis Heaven Medina
February Trip
My second visit this year was to Marrakech known as the red city. We stayed for three nights and four days so every day was very well planned which basically I did it before traveling. Planning your short trip is the key to take the most of it.

City Profile
Nickname- The Red City
Founded- 1062 AD
Population- 928,850
Annual visitors- 10.3m
Flight time- 1h 40m (Lisbon to Marrakech)
Currency- Dirham

Need to know
·      Shops and Souks are generally open from 10 am to 8 pm
·      Bargaining is essential and most purchases are in cash
·      Get ready for a lot of mopeds zipping around
·      The presence of cumin is dominant in every recipes
·       Do not take pictures with monkeys and snakes (they are mistreated) 
·      5 times a day you will hear the muezzin call

My Tips
·     Look for the places you want to visit, location, prices, opening and closing hours;
·   Be prepared to be hassled by everyone, so politely ignore the locals otherwise they will not leave you;
·    Wear comfortable shoes, take a jacket with you because at night it gets really cold this time of the year;
·    Exchange some money at the airport (not much depending on your stay) but you can pay with Euros even in taxis or inside the Medina, most restaurants and bars accept credit cards;
·    Haggle over the cost of everything you want to buy;
·   Agree with your taxi driver the amount you’ll be paying before the journey begins;
·   Be very careful when taking photos of the locals, some can get really mad;
·    Drink bottle water to avoid any kind of contamination.
For places to visit and other curiosities check my Youtube Channel and Instagram. x


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